A situation many developers find themselves in at some stage, myself included.

A familiar state for many developers, from beginners to advanced, is the continuous cycle of watching tutorial videos on repeat, often known as tutorial hell.

We finish one tutorial with a sense of learning and knowledge, only to chain another one after the first. The chaining of videos continues as…

These points would have greatly sped up my progress and learning as an Android developer.

It was very daunting when I started my journey to become an android developer, the vast number of paths to go down, which coding languages to learn, the best practices, and how to create clean application architecture. I was in the pitfall of trying to learn as much as possible…

Let us look into what Flutter actually is and what it can offer you as a developer.

Flutter is quickly becoming one of the most popular frameworks for developing cross-platform applications. From ensuring faster mobile application development to facilitating simultaneous updates to easier maintenance and code re-usability, Flutter offers a wide variety of benefits for the developers.

But irrespective of these wide-ranging benefits, Flutter has some disadvantages…

From my experience as a freelance app developer and content creator working from home.

With the recent shift in peoples lives, working from home has become much more common, for some people this is perfect, having the freedom to work in your own space and without the need to commute to work. However, for others, it has been a growing problem. Many people find…

A brief dive into the world of Android Development, from its history to its future.

Android’s brief history

This platform was the outcome of the hard work of Open Handset Alliance, an organization whose mission was to make a mobile phone with better features. A decade has passed now, and there are so many industries worldwide that are offering Android. Nowadays, Samsung, the biggest manufacturer of these smartphones…

Oliver Ryan

A freelance Android developer that works primarily in Java, and also enjoys dabbling in the world of Unity mobile game creation for fun.

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